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Features of a Great Property

Blogging - Avery Williamson - June 17, 2020

eca9cdf87de992b672964ef8719026d9 - Features of a Great Property

What Makes A Great Property

Buying a property entails one to shell out a good amount of money. In fact, this might financially restrict him in some other aspect of his usual expenditures. Nevertheless, since owning a home is also one of the basic needs of a family, one might just make the sacrifice. 

eca9cdf87de992b672964ef8719026d9 - Features of a Great Property

Yes, and this is why, if you are the one planning to buy Cheras house for sale, you have to make sure to choose the product well so as your sacrifices will not just be wasted. You have to know what it is you really want and at the same time, you must also know what makes a property great. 

So, what are the features of a property in Mont Kiara, that can make you say, it is really what you will need? 


Yes, location is one of the top priorities that should be considered. As a matter of fact, this factor can greatly affect the market value of a property. This can also make your life easier and your lifestyle more cost-effective. 


The size of the Bangsar property will matter a lot, especially if you choose a gated one. Usually, when you buy a property in a gated community, the modification will be limited. This is why, if you plan to have more kids, you have to include it in your considerations when it comes to the size. 

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This is another aspect that should be properly considered. Today, properties come in different types like a condo, attached, detached, apartment and so on. Each type comes with a set of pros and cons and the suitability is usually in a case to case basis. 

Yes, choosing the property well will enable you to enjoy a comfortable life along with your family. You should take advantage of the fact that when it comes to properties, you have so many options. …

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Strategies For Getting Good Grades During College

Blogging - Avery Williamson - May 24, 2020

20170623inspire 16 - Strategies For Getting Good Grades During College

The Key To Getting High Grades in College

Life at college is known to be one of the most satisfying years of a person’s career and it is totally incomparable from your previous secondary school experience which is in high school. College introduces and guides us to some great opportunities and experiences that we haven’t learned ever since. College serves as the final destination of our lives as students and in this stage, once we successfully finished the course, we will acquire the so-called diploma, which is an essential form of document that is much needed when you are applying for a job. College life provides you with multiple obstacles capable of making you stressed and experience anxiety at the same time. That’s because going to college is never been easy. It’s very challenging that you need to at least get a passing grade in order to proceed to another semester. If you got a grade of below 74, you might get a hard time making your general average considered passed for the final examination.

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20170623inspire 16 1024x576 - Strategies For Getting Good Grades During College

Hence, take a brief glance at these effective and applicable strategies to produce better performance in college such as concentrating on doing homework, studying, and making projects in order to get better and acceptable grades:

Tips For Getting Good Grades

  • Do not absent and attend all classes. For many causes, one student will miss or absent during class. These causes include sleeping late at night resulting for getting late in class, having a boring teacher, and cutting classes. Even if the teacher or the professor teaches the lesson quite boring or lack of excitement, it is useful to just stay in the classroom and listen to his or her presentations and discussions. Making well-known by your professor is one of the key strategies of getting high grades. Therefore, attending as well as participating to his or her class is a must during college. Sleeping late at night is common among college students and might be the cause of having too much home works, quizzes, and exams. It is important to have a good time management in order to perform tasks in a balanced manner.
  • Another obvious strategy in getting high grades is to, of course, study. Consider studying as part of your everyday patterns. Studying can also help you prepare for surprise tests or surprise oral exams. Reading learning materials such as books in advance helps you understand every topic and you may be able to participate class discussions such as when the professor asks about something which is related to the lesson and you can easily answer his question without doubts.

Check out more studying tips by watching this video:

Now, if you have mastered all of these strategies, you can easily handle your college life. Although mastering these strategies requires much effort and is not easy to do, it will be still good if you put it into practice. And lastly, as mentioned on the first paragraph, you will be given a diploma for completing your college course as a reward. Diploma is very useful when it comes to applying a job in certain company.

If you want to rise to the occasion, get your diploma from a college that provides 2u2i.…

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Incredible Properties Worth Checking in Malaysia

Blogging - Avery Williamson - March 6, 2020

Incredible Properties Worth Checking in Malaysia

The worth driven land advertise with manageable development potential has made Malaysia an alluring property venture goal and alternative for financial specialists. Yes, and this is why if you are hesitant in buying a property in this part of the world, because maybe of some misconceptions, you can check why that is not the case in reality.

Segment Reward

The majority of the created nations are confronting maturing populace issue which will influence the monetary development. Malaysia’s segment setting gives no worry to these issues and is strong to land venture. In 2015, it has about 31.19 million of populace with 1.5% development rate and a middle time of 28.5 year-old, which is generally more youthful to other created nations. A pinnacle of 69% all out populace will be employable in 2040 when the middle age is just 38.3 year-old. As Malaysia is relied upon to appreciate segment reward in the following multi year, we see a splendid possibility for property interest in Malaysia.

Politically Steady

Not at all like its other ASEAN neighbors, Malaysia is politically steady and has been liberated from any major political interruption in the course of recent years. Since Autonomy from the English, the nation has been a Parliamentary majority rules system with a steady government in many years. Subsequently, political hazard is low, and this is good for venture.

Positive Financial Viewpoint

Malaysia has recorded a terrific Gross domestic product development from 1957 to 2005 with a normal 6.5% which gives Malaysia a strong base to proceed with its promising financial viewpoint. In 2016, the economy of Malaysia was the third biggest economy in South East Asia behind progressively crowded Singapore and Brunei with 367.7 billion USD of Gross domestic product and 2.1% of expansion rate.

Steady Activities by Government

Malaysian Government has invested its energy in making a superior venture condition and accomplishing the economy objectives. Alongside the tenth Malaysia Plan by government, endeavors of improving the framework have been finished. More than RM 30 billion was spent on rail framework advancement in the course of the last 4-5 years. All the more as of late, the fast rail (HSR) plan between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore has quite recently been formalized with a respective understanding inked between the two neighboring nations, with the expense assessed to be in the range somewhere in the range of RM40bil and RM45bil. All these rail advancements as of late are a shelter for the development area in Malaysia, which brings a brilliant possibility for the property part.

When checking out properties, one of your best option is the for sale EkoCheras kl. To learn more about their properties, check out below.

EkoCheras is situated at Jalan Cheras, Taman Mutiara Barat, Cheras 9 Miles, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. This task is created by Ekovest Berhad. Ekovest Bhd is a Malaysia-based organization which has risen as one of the main development organizations in the nation and primarily occupied with venture holding and structural designing and building works.

Consequently, Ekovest Bhd can possibly build up this incredible venture to satisfy their customers’ needs.

There are all out 1515 units in these 3 towers. There are 578 units (Tower H), 584 units (Tower J), 353 (Tower E). Tower E comprise of 7 sorts of units which are with 1 room and 1 restroom, with 1 room, 1 washroom and 1 examination territory yard, with 2 room, 2 restroom, 1 overhang, anteroom and yard, with 2 room, 2 restroom, 2 gallery, hall and yard just as with 2 room, 2 washroom, 1 overhang and a lobby.

EkoCheras is situated along Jalan Cheras which incorporates three fragile adjusted condos, an office tower, a tasteful lodging and a shopping center. It is the fundamental key supply route of Kuala Lumpur and firmly connected to Recreation Shopping center MRT station, it is just four stations from the Kuala Lumpur City. EkoCheras is reachable to Kajang Thruway, which interfaces the Amazing Adventure Interstate and Connaught Freeway.

EkoCheras is situated at a key area which situated at Taman Connaught, a significant township of Cheras. It is profoundly reachable which is situated at the conversion of the fundamental streets like Center Ring Street 2, East-West Connection Freeway, Jalan Loke Yew, Jalan Pudu, Jalan Tun Razak, Shrewd, KL-Seremban Parkway, Besraya Eastern Augmentation Interstate (Besraya), New Pantai Turnpike (NPE) and Maju Road (MEX). Open transportation is effectively to get in the territory.

Each family is worry about youngsters’ training. Happy to state that there is a rundown of schools and colleges close by. They are SJKC Taman Connaught, Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Cheras, SMK Jalan Cheras, SMK Seri Mutiara, Cempaka Worldwide School, UCSI University, One World HanXing School of Reporting and Correspondence, TMC School, Malaysian Accommodation School and HELP School of Expressions and Correspondence.

Moreover, there are center and emergency clinic that close by the ekoCheras which are Klinik Pakar Dr. Yeoh and Dr. Hazli Psychological wellness Master, Klinik Mediviron Cheras, The KL Facility, Sovereigns Road, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Clinical Center, UKM Expert Center and Pantai Medical clinic Cheras. In Cheras, there are some shopping center, for example, Cheras Sentral, Recreation Shopping center, Ikon Connaught, Sunway Speed Shopping center, IKEA Cheras and MyTown Strip mall. EkoCheras accompanies different kinds of offices for its different segments since it is bound together with a shopping center, office advancements and overhauled loft.

But aside from Ekocheras, there are …

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Learn About the Natural Liver Cleansing Foods

Blogging - Avery Williamson - November 21, 2019

runningman - Learn About the Natural Liver Cleansing Foods

The liver can repair itself. That is true and in fact, this is also the reason why most people just drink alcohol like it’s their birthday every day. They just assume that their liver will still be okay. However, that is not the case really as if you won’t let your liver rest, it can’t then find the time to start the healing process. You should contact any 马来西亚中医肝病專科 to get the best advice.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the healing process runs on a different timeframe. This it can’t hurt if you will help as well by eating some of the natural liver cleansing foods.

maxresdefault 5 1024x576 - Learn About the Natural Liver Cleansing Foods

Check this out:


his can aid in activating the liver detox enzymes. The enzymes are quite important as they assist in breaking down the accumulated toxins and removing them from your body.


Yes, they don’t taste that good! However, you certainly need them, and it is not the right time to be choosy. This comes with high antioxidant properties and this can also boost your working outperformance.

Organic Apples

An apple a day can keep the doctor away! This is so true, and the good thing is, apples are delicious.

You should try the mentioned fruits and for sure, your liver will be in the best condition.…

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Talking to Abah

Blogging - Avery Williamson - October 21, 2019

09 18 17 father son relationship - Talking to Abah

Talking to Abah

He was not a perfect man, his duty as a father — or a husband — wouldn’t even come close to being adequate. But he was, as always, the only one in my broken family, — a family spilt into two before it had become three and too many — who encouraged me to think, critically, beyond tradition, beyond religion.

It was at night, i remember talking to my father. In a year of my childhood, and then my youth, i spoke to him less than a couple of times. Every conversation was special, and memorable. Either he was screaming at me, beating me for learning too slow, or we have a decent annual conversation that often challenged our minds.

Little Talks

As his second child, perhaps, his favourite if he had not married another woman and fathered younger sisters of mine (the last time i met him and heard of him was in 2004, he had 2 daughters with my step mother), i admired him, always, secretly, angrily. Yet I’m pretty sure i love my dad the same as i was before my parents separated. No matter what he means the world to me.

“Abah,” i spoke, “Adek ada teori tentang yang paling kecil, dengan benda yang paling besar. I think they were the same thing.”

He clasped his hands, covered his mouth with the benign fist he just made, slightly to his left, paused before he asked, “Teori apa? Cerita la.”

I took a pencil from his desk, and started to doodle the sun, the planets around it, the other stars, the Milky Way and the Andromeda, and formed many other galaxies and made what seemed the universe, and told, “benda yang paling besar kan Abah, i think is the smallest thing too. The universe and the subatomic particles are two same thing.”

He looked puzzled. I drew him the Rutherford model of an atom, and told although Bohr and quantum mechanics had modeled the atom to what may have been accepted as scientifically more ‘convincing’, the planetary model of that Rutherford had me think that perhaps, if electrons were planets, there were no smallest things in this world.

Electrons are actually planets, and the nucleus is the sun! What a tiny world!

“Imagine kan Abah, if i were a bacterium, the size of an E. coli, so small and so tiny, and let’s pretend that i can walk too. So, i’m walking on a human skin, for an example, on your arm. I’m walking there, on your arm. When asked by another bacterium, ‘What is the biggest thing in this world?’ i might answer, ‘Oh look, the biggest thing in this world is that thing’, and point to actually a drop of sweat, just a tiny drop of water. As a bacterium the size of an E. coli, i have never seen the sea, let alone knowing there’s vast sea on this planet. I have never seen our own planet, or even the bright sun every macro living beings can see, i can’t. I’m too small and too tiny and too microscopic, that for me to travel from your head to toe, by foot takes me at least more than 10 generations. And after 10 generations, our bacterial greatest discovery is a complete head to toe journey and we call it, ‘The Universe’. And ‘The Universe’ is just your whole human body, in actual reality. We’ve completed our journey, we do not know that you exist as a human being — we thought you’re “The Universe’ –, we sleep like a baby at nights — satisfied, nothing more to discover — until one day we’re transfered to another human body and we say, ‘Our universe has changed, it was darker yesterday’ and puzzled at ‘the new universe’, if i may, a person whose skin tone is much lighter than where we were before, on your skin.”

Abah looked a little disagreed. But being him, he never really spoke it and i secretly believed this was his way of telling me to sharpen my thoughts, before i actually speak something.

I took a few seconds to reflect and said, “We keep discovering ‘the biggest’ and ‘the smallest’ things because we are in this size, in this human size. We compare things within our human capability of comparing sizes. Nothing beyond that. It’s restricted to what we can see, and perceive. Dulu-dulu, kita kata bumi paling besar, lepas tu kata matahari pulak, lepas tu kata semua bintang-bintang dengan matahari campur bumi adalah yang paling besar. That, before we discovered other galaxies, other stars and cosmic dust outside the Milky Way. Lepas learnt about other galaxies, kita cakap semua berjuta-juta galaxies ni duduk dalam the universe, so the universe must be the biggest thing. But is the universe, in actual reality, the biggest thing in this world?”

He gave me the stare, and i understood it. “The same goes with the smallest thing. First, we said the smallest thing is actually the size of a dust — nothing smaller than a speck of that. Then we learnt chemistry, we said, ‘Oh, the smallest things are the molecules. Then a few more years after that, we said ‘Oh, the smallest things are the atoms who when joined can form a molecule’. Then we learnt about the chemical bonds, about covalent and ionic and we talked about …

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Sex & Dating

Blogging - Avery Williamson - October 21, 2019

tweets online dating internet changed romance SvA - Sex & Dating

Sex & Dating

Girl A : Firdauz, can we (Girl A and her friend) crash at your place tonight. I kena siapkan kerja.

Me : Tonight and tomorrow i ada tetamu la.

Girl A : Eleh.. Lady misteri tu kan. Kirim salam kat dia ok.

and i told Girl B that Girl A had asked me if she could come over.

Girl B : I’m not staying over la tonight, you ask la Girl A to come.

Oh girls, they are always like this kan. And there was a time and a chance for Girl A and Girl B to meet, Girl A stayed at my place overnight, Girl B came in the morning. But Girl B refused to meet Girl A because Girl A knows about Girl D. Girl B doesn’t like Girl C and D. This is like a world problem for me. But whatever i still love them the same. haha.

Then i had asked Girl C.

Me : Girl C, Bukit Gasing is on Sunday kan?

Girl C : No, Bukit Gasing on Saturday lah. Bukan ke you cakap kat I Sunday is your sex day?

Me : Yeah, but now dah tukar Saturday (and Friday, and Wednesday, and Monday).

Girl C : Ok, Sunday then. But i confirm nanti tau.

Girl A, B, C and D are good friends of mine. You might know who Girl A and C are. Girl A is a celebrity. Girl C is a hottie. Girl B is the mysterious lady. TOO MANY PRETTY GIRLS!

Girl D is the sister of Girl A.

And me, i’m the unlucky guy. I have my days all tangled up. So now Sex is on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and Dating is on Sunday.

I have to remember this, Sex is on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and Dating is on Sunday. Ok, i got them.…

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Carol Turns 21!

Blogging - Avery Williamson - October 21, 2019

decoration de gateau happy birthday - Carol Turns 21!

Carol Turns 21!

She got flowers la, Godiva chocolate la, iPhone la, and bra also she got one. She very lucky, i very jealous but yknow what she’s a pretty girl, i bet the whole world can fell for her by the time they met.

Present? Nope.

I didn’t get her any present, yet. But i told her she looked so hot the other day, although yeah, i kinda lied about it, but sweet lies make Carol happy! you gotta make lies sometimes because you love them.

Carol, you’re so pretty! Happy Birthday!…

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Tidak, aku bukan abang yang terbaik.

Blogging - Avery Williamson - October 21, 2019

sibling relationships - Tidak, aku bukan abang yang terbaik.

Satu tahun dahulu,

waktu bulan Ramadhan baru masuk hari kedua, adik lelaki aku Zaid telah memikirkan jenaka bulan mulia yang paling kelakar untuk aku, dia bertanya (sambil sedia untuk ketawakan aku):

“Abang Firdauz, jom pegi sembahyang terawih.”

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Blogging - Avery Williamson - October 21, 2019

kristina flour 185592 unsplash compressor - Silence


I woke up to catch a glimpse of your smile and realized how much i love you. I do not know if i have ever felt this way, or went to walking on this road; maybe i’ve forgotten about all these, about how it’s like being in love. I never thought you could mean the world to me.

Maybe i’ve never been in love, but i saw you when i woke up alone this morning in my bed, i saw you beside me. I saw you smiling at me, and i grabbed the cold pillow and you hugged me and i reached your hand from my back and brought it to my lips and i almost fell into something, love maybe. Your pretty eyes won’t let me stop myself from starring at it.

Am i in love? I do not know. I have no experience, i’m not the best of a lover, not the best of anything, never been the best of a thing or many. I’m not someone whom anyone is proud of but a person, smaller than everyone, shorter not because i lack of confidence, but juvenile, perhaps because i just escaped from something, my own shadow maybe.

Where was I all these while?

I find this new place a little strange, it feels safe like home when you’re around, and it sounds like complete silence when you’re not, i can only hear my own voice.

Voices that spoke to me, and wrote this note in my bed when i woke up minutes ago and saw you smiling at me. You were beautiful, nothing like these silly words of mine.

You were beautiful, nothing like the delayed emotions of mine.

Was i late? To love you beautiful.…

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Yes! I got married last weekend

Blogging - Avery Williamson - October 21, 2019

GettyImages 502711544 920x613 - Yes! I got married last weekend

It is true what the say about weddings, you can do it on the weekends, you can do it in your ragged jeans and you can do it in your head.

So i did it in my ragged jeans, in the drizzling rain that dribbled down a bright weekend and showed me the color of a cold evening, i had wed with my love ones. We kissed and danced, and danced and kissed, and in no particular order, we danced and we kissed. I think this is what people called love where you let them in your world.

“So, lepas ni, turn kamu pulak kan?” asked everyone who came to my brother’s engagement ceremony. They came to ask me a wrong question, so i told them the wrong answer :

“Tak adelah. Lambat lagi kot. Girlfriend pun takde seorang.”

Yeah. Way to write a fiction. The truth is, i did marry my pretty wife during my brother’s engagement ceremony — no one saw us dancing and kissing — and my wife got pregnant after the long dance, and gave birth to 4 kids while i was kissing her.

Yeah. Way to write the story of my life.

I now live with 13 cats and named each one of them after the people who had asked me of when i would get married. I have 6 kids and my wife named them after her previous boyfriends and crushes.

We live happily ever after.


The writing is fictional, but Abang’s engagement has indeed reunited me with my family. Selamat bertunang Abang!…

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Can you be my new friend, please?

Blogging - Avery Williamson - October 21, 2019

RS7845 ThinkstockPhotos 920597582 hig - Can you be my new friend, please?

Can you be my new friend, please?

I never thought anyone would think of me before they go to sleep.

I mean like, which idiot would think of me before he/she goes to sleep, thinking of me doesn’t save the world, it saves the whole universe and all the stars and and moons and planets and makes the ozone thicker and YOU GUYS ARE SO UNGRATEFUL TO HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF ME BEFORE GO TO BED ONE!

See, i damn pretty bitchy right, lately.

You know what makes this world a better place? A person like Wanie. This is what Wanie messaged me last night before she went to sleep.

“twas rainin dis eve n i thot of u n sandwiches inna basket u sold in upm hehe i still tink dats d most adorable way to sell sandwich! Nite2 firdy, u n ur sandwiches r d last thot on my mind b4 i go to sleep 2nite yay! :x”

– Wanie, via sms.

She messaged me like suddenly, unexpected, just before she went to sleep. See!!! People should love me more like how Wanie sayang me. I will never blog about Yee Hou or KY or Mellissa or Nicholas or anyone la, they’re such bad people! Never gave me sweet messages also!



I hate my friends, i think they are the worst people. Can you be my new friend? We can talk bad about Yee Hou and KY and Mellissa and Nicholas, i know all the gossip you know. Do you know that Mellissa, ok, cannot blog here =P

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My Lurve affair with a crunchy Lurve

Blogging - Avery Williamson - October 21, 2019

1114551 landscape - My Lurve affair with a crunchy Lurve

I breathed a sigh of Lurve, and it sounded soft, hidden like a whisper, it moved really slow, carefully not to touch no one’s ear, it spoke of a soft language, only i could hear.

Lurve… Ahhh.. Lurve, sometimes i have it with Vernice, sometimes i have it Anis, and strangely enough, sometimes i have it with too many, and these too many, they wouldn’t Lurve me back as much as these 2 would.

And if these 2 wouldn’t, then i would be left alone with my own self and sighing the inspiration of Lurve.

Ahh.. Lurve, my dear Lurve is an inspiration, it’s a mortal affair and sympathetic decoration of a smile, it liberates fear, lets fear die and fly to heaven.

It lets fear die and float gently to heaven.

Ahh.. Lurve, my dear Lurve is a boat, it’s a mortal inspiration in a blue lake, it navigates me with its soul and when we both grow enough age and catch enough fish to become old, we’ll meet you in heaven.

I’ll munch on Lurve, and feed on Lurve, and meet you too many in heaven, when i grow enough age and catch enough breath.

Ahh.. Lurve, my dear Lurve is a crunchy affair.…

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The Apartment.

Blogging - Avery Williamson - October 21, 2019

image - The Apartment.

“Firdauz, remember yeah tomorrow. The Apartment,” told Robb.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be there. Definitely.”

I had to constantly be reminded, not because i suffered an Alzeimer’s disease that tricked memory into the realm of fantasy. But it was because i had been deliberately skipping events, one too many. If i ever had any incurable malady, it would have been my attitude to be driven to despair, by consuming excessive happiness.

Sanity is when i’m in a complete loss in the absence of hope, lying comatose with sweets and candies in my hand.

Responsibility is when you suck on those sweets and candies, wake up from coma, put smile on your face and say hello to the guests.

“Hello (pretty face), i’m Firdauz (i like you), and you are (can i have your number)?”


“So Lina (you single?), what do you blog about (let’s date sometime), mostly?”

“Stuff. I’m an angry blogger,”

“Well, i’m a bimbo blogger (kthnxbye).”

I made it to The Apartment. Imagining Lina’s blog touching the topic of politics, human stupidity and how she hated pretty bunnies in rosy miniskirts. She might have thought i wrote about the latest mega sale buying miniskirts, getting manicured and prepubescent boob enlargement.

But she would have gotten it right should she had pictured me having the passion in ogling at those big boobs.

“Mya kerja kat mana ye?”

“Bank negara.”

Her boobs were not the reason i came to her table. Earlier that day, Robb had given me an order; To mingle around. So mingled around i did, going from one blogger to another. Well OK! Gosh, you caught me red handed; going from one girl to another. Happy now? =p

Before i knew it, i had 3 girls sitting with me on the same table. I was the only guy. And they thought doa berbuka was a guy’s thing.

“Hey, you guys dah baca doa buka ke belum?” i asked them.

“Kitaorang tak puasa la,”

“You lelaki, you kena la baca,” and they all agreed i should say the prayers.

“I tahu sampai Allahumma la ka sumtu sahaja,” i was good at multitasking – i lied while i was eating, i marked some girls i wanted to approach while i was eating, i pursed a silly smile while i was eating. Everyone bought my smile. That smirk, even it was lacking in honesty, it never failed to buy sympathy.

“That’s okay. I tahu melayu sahaja. Sahaja aku berbuka puasa, kerana Allah Taala,” said Jannah.

Jannah was an internet friend. I didn’t know she was on the guest list until i i saw her name, just about 20 minutes before she reached there. To have met Jannah, brought joy to me. If i had came to this party empty handed, i think Jannah was one of those 24 other people who showed me the meaning of sharing and put it in my pocket.

It was a sharing session. It was Nuffnang Sharing Session. We had people sharing food and telling stories. We shared some moments and we sliced our experience into portions and passed it around. So everyone could taste the meaning of sharing. Whether they came in a glass of cooler (a mixture of fruit juice and soda water), whether they were on the table at the buffet dinner, the meaning of this session came together upstairs with the chef welcoming feedback. With Red Mommy and SultanMuzaffar welcoming questions. With Robb putting magic into the session.

I felt small, yet i felt the appreciation of my presence, shown when they passed me those cigarettes. When they showed concern and they asked questions. When they laughed when i never was being funny.

True, i never suffered an Alzeimer’s disease that tricked memory into the realm of fantasy. But the reality that i danced with in The Apartment, in Nuffnang Sharing Session, taught me one important lesson –

to never skip events for the best things in life are free.

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